Friday, September 2, 2011

Soul of the Devil! Did ye think me dead?

Where the hell have I been? Well, it turns out that I grossly overestimated the amount of time and energy that I would have during Theo’s first two months, and as a result spent the whole of August wishing I were asleep. Fortunately, I was able to steal a fifteen-minute nap several days ago, and now I feel like a new man. The baby aside, it’s been a pretty exciting few months. With luck I’ll be posting more about that in time.

Meanwhile, my big news is that I have started selling art prints online! My store can be found here, or by clicking the “shop” link above. There are only three illustrations posted so far, but I’ll be adding more over the next few days, and I’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to see a specific image available!

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James said...

Besides the fact that two of my favorite ones are up there, I'd love to see Page 64!