Sunday, September 30, 2012

Page 93: and so it all ended

Note that while it may claim that the story has ”ended,” the chapter goes on for another 10 pages. The struggle continues!


Gary Yuen said...

Nice. before that, all the previous words refer to shame. Shame shame shame, And so it all ended.

Was thinking of your "And they all drank free." An illustration for "And the world is maidfree." too would be nice. catholeen catholic women emancipated. grabbing penis and testicles on privates and in publics, publically.

Anonymous said...

Consider my mind BLOWN! I LOVE this blog...but now I'm more terrified of Finnegan's Wake than ever

Stephen Crowe said...

Thanks, guys! That image is a little more graphic than I normally like to go for, Gary, but I'll think about that line.