Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thanks for visiting

Hello! Thank you for visiting this site and checking out my project. If the only thing you love is James Joyce, then I have some unfortunate news. Unless an eccentric millionaire steps in as a benevolent patron for this project (could it be you?) my other commitments make it impossible for me to focus on Joyce-related illustration for the time being.

However! I am working on another project that I’d love for you to see. It’s an ongoing serialised comic called The City, produced in collaboration with Melanie AmaralThe City is a dark comedy about the collapse of civilisation, which follows the misadventures of a diverse but equally doomed cast of characters in the aftermath of World War I. Jim Gavin, author of Middle Men, called it “an elegant noir labyrinth constructed of proletarian dreams.”

You can see samples of The City at the website here, where you can also buy copies or download PDFs of both issues for as little as $0!

So I hope you’ll check it out. But if you’re here for Joyce, then welcome, and just scroll down and eat your fill.

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